0 € energy bills are now possible

Sign up for a virtual battery and benefit from your non-compensable surpluses.

✔ Accumulate your non-compensable surpluses and make your bill 0€.

✔ Use those surpluses to offset your second home.

What is a virtual battery?

A virtual battery is a service that allows you to accumulate the non-compensable surpluses (i.e. those that cannot be fed into the public grid) generated by your solar installation.

The battery not only allows you to accumulate these surpluses and use them to offset your bills, but also has additional benefits such as a more affordable price, and to be able to offset the total of your bill or use the surplus to offset other supplies that you have contracted in the name of the same owner (e.g. second home).

Just like a physical battery but with more benefits!
How does the virtual battery work?

1. Generate your surplus

You generate your surplus. It is assigned a
economic value to those that are discharged to the
grid. We deduct from your bill those
that can be compensated.

2. Accumulate in your battery

If you generated a lot of surpluses, it is likely that you have not been able to compensate them all. These are stored in the battery with a value in €.

3. Compensate your bills

You receive a new invoice and compensate for it. If you still have surpluses available you can accumulate them or you can use them to offset a second home.
FAQ about the Virtual Battery

How will the information look on my invoice?

For the customer’s convenience, the surplus compensation
will appear as a separate item on the invoice with the
name of Virtual Battery.

How can I see what I have accumulated in surplus?

On our website, in the customer area, you will be able to see all the information related to the invoices involved and the settlements of the compensation calculation.

Who can benefit from the virtual battery?

All Evergreen Electric customers on a 2.0TD tariff.

What happens to the surplus of the virtual battery if I switch company?

If there is a change of supplier, it is not possible to transfer the
surpluses accumulated in the virtual battery, which means that they are lost.

When should I hire a virtual battery and when should I not?

The Virtual Battery is specifically designed for
self-consumption installations with a large amount of surpluses, or to offset
bills from secondary residences.

How much does the virtual battery cost?

The battery costs €5, which is charged monthly
on the bill. In addition, 5% will be charged for deviations in the forecast*.

*In order to be able to sell the surpluses that the customer discharges to the grid, we must make
a forecast of both your consumption and the production of your panels, in which there are always
deviations occur and we therefore cover them with
with this concept.

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