Everything you need to know about Solar Energy

We bring you the most frequently asked questions and answers we receive about solar energy. If your question is not among these questions, please contact us and we will be happy to help you.

How do I get my coordinates?

Why do we ask for the coordinates?

To make a customised offer on solar panels, we need to know exactly what the customer’s roof is in order to estimate the number of panels and where they would go.

Often the addresses are not exact, which is why we ask for the coordinates.


Don’t worry, here we explain how to do it:

  • To do this, we need you to go to Google Maps and search for your home.

If you are on a computer:

  • Right click on the area on the map. A tab with information will open. First in the list are the coordinates (latitude and longitude).
  • To copy them just click on them.


Mobile phone or tablet:

  • Touch and hold your house on the map to place a red marker there. Once the red marker appears you will be able to see the coordinates in the search box.


Please send us the purchased coordinates by email so we can send you a quotation as soon as possible.

Photovoltaic grants RD477/21

The government has designated a specific budget to subsidize the installation of solar panels on residential houses.

In order to apply for this subsidy it is an indispensable requirement to have Fiscal Residence in Spain.

How is it managed?

In Andalusia: Our installation company Bettergy takes care of the entire subsidy application process. (This service has an extra fee)

Outside Andalusia: The client manages the application and Bettergy provides technical support. (This service has an extra fee)

¿How does it works?

The installation is executed and subsequently the competent body studies the installation and assesses whether or not to provide the subsidy. Due to the high demand for grants, there is a waiting list and it can take up to a year to receive a grant.

How much are the grants in the residential sector?

Solar Panels: 600 €/kWp installed

Batteries: 490 €/kWp installed

Surplus compensation

Here is a brief description of how the steps to follow for the surpluse compensation:

    1. The authorised installer must inform the competent municipal authority about the installation of his panels by submitting the appropriate documentation.
    2. Once the municipal authority receives the documentation, it informs the distribution company of the self-consumption installation.
    3. The distributor informs the electricity supplier (Evergreen Eléctrica) of the installation.
    4. The distributor requests the modification of the supply, updating the status of self-consumption to the retailer.
    5. The distributor generates consumption and surplus bills.
    6. The supplier, Evergreen Eléctrica, bills you for the energy consumed (minus the value of the surplus).

*Please note that only variable consumption charges can be offset in surpluses, but you will pay for power and administrative costs. **The value of the surplus cannot be paid in physical money, it can only be deducted from the next bill. ***Surpluses start to be counted once the paperwork has been approved.

Installation deadline

From the signing of the contract the time to install the panels is approximately 1 to 2 months. During this time, the purchase of materials is made and the necessary paperwork and technical documentation is carried out.

Work on the house takes a maximum of 2 to 3 days.

Maintenance and warranties

The installations have the following guarantees:

➔ Equipment and installation are covered by a 2-year warranty.
➔ Warranty of the photovoltaic modules: 12 years.
➔ Panel production warranty: 25 years.
➔ Guarantee of the structure of the photovoltaic installation: 10 years.
➔ Warranty of the photovoltaic inverter: 5 years.

In addition, Bettergy, the installation company, offers a maintenance and monitoring service for the installation. This service is optional, it is not required as a necessary action by the client, but it is recommended in large installations.

What happens in the event of a power failure?

As it is connected to the grid, in the event of a power cut, the installation stops working, and therefore stops producing energy.

For this purpose, a Back Up system can be installed at an estimated extra cost of 1000 € + VAT.

App Inversor

All installed inverters have their own monitoring App.

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