With summer here and the increasing price of electricity, it is important to take steps to reduce your consumption wherever possible. We have put together some tips which may help.

Saving energy has always been important, but now, more than ever, it is wise to take extra measures so there is no surprise on the electricity bill.

After all, who would not like to save a few euros on the electricity bill ? You may not notice any changes in the short term, but when we apply all these tips long-term, it does.

If we have a second home, the tips are just as important there too.

In addition, there are other factors that influence, such as the area where the house is located, whether on the coast, the mountains, etc … if it is separated from other houses or buildings, the number of rooms and other issues determine your electricity consumption.

Let’s see what tips to followtoreduce this consumption

Reduce the number of bulbs

The fewer light bulbs you have connected, the more you will reduce your consumption.

It isn´t necessary that you stay in the dark obviously, but in rooms where you have lamps with more than 2 bulbs, removing 1 you will barely notice the change in lighting and if you can remove several, you will be saving a lot.

Use LED bulbs

It is recommended that you use LED bulbs as they are 90% more efficient and consume up to 80% less than others such as halogen. They have a longer durability and also illuminate rooms the best.


Depending on how you use them, you can save € 12 / year for each LED bulb.

Adapt to the tariff schedule

With the new changes in tariff schedules, it is better that you get as higher percentage of your consumption in the cheaper times, from Monday to Friday from 00:00 to 08:00 and weekends & national holidays, since, these are the hours where the price of electricity is cheaper

Take advantage of the weekends

Only if you don’t have a fixed tariff you should know that since the changes in the electricity tariff schedules, the price of electricity on weekends is the lowest, the best days to do the laundry, use the oven, the microwave, etc….

Make the most of them!

Open blinds and windows.

Leave all the blinds and windows open, taking advantage of the natural light until the sun goes down, you will save more and in addition, ventilate the rooms with fresh air.

Use energy efficient appliances

Nowadays there are even smart washing machines that, unlike those of before, have a much lower consumption.

All appliances have an energy efficiency label, note that yours has an “A”, this means that it has the highest rating and therefore has the lowest possible consumption.

Electrodomésticos modernos en fila
Avoid phantom consumption

When you leave the mobile charger plugged in without being used, the television turned off with the red LED or any connected device, even if they are not working, you continue to consume energy that over time accumulates in a greater expense.

For this, you can make use of power strips with switches that will cut the current to that electrical appliance when you press them, minimising your consumption, but if you do not…

Remember unplug everything you don’t use.

Change your daily habits

Like avoiding turning on lights while still having the natural light, among other things. A small gesture like this can make a big change in your electricity bill.

These tips will help you reduce your electricity consumption, apply them and check your consumption when the next bill arrives.

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